How I use Vitargo: 

Leading up to a race: 
About 3 days leading up to a big race, I will start glycogen loading with Vitargo. When im training hard, I don’t eat bread, pasta, ect., and so this is the most efficient way for me to “carbo load.” I will usually have between 2-3 servings a day prior to a race.

Pre race/workout:
1/2 – 1 serving of vitargo 10-20 minutes before the start of the race/workout

1-2 servings (280-560 calories) of vitargo every 60 min or so during a long run/race. usually i will just stop for a second and drink a whole bottle of it, but sometimes I take the bottle with me and just sip. I have also made it into a gel by just mixing the powder with less water. since it empties out of my stomach and gets into my muscles so fast, i never have any bloating and it doesn’t slosh around in my stomach.

Post Workout: 
1 full serving immediately after a hard run/race. During a crossfit competition, I will take a full serving immediately after each wod.


4 thoughts on “Vitargo

  1. i would love to see vitargo with all the essential ingredients for marathon running..electrolytes, caffeine, potassium this being looked into…??

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