Race Results

Bishop High Sierra 50 mile: 10:38, 5th woman
Whoo’s In El Moro 50k: 4:44, 1st female
NLI Crossfit Invitational: 5th
Brazil 135: 45:35, 6th female

Chimera 100 Mile: 27:45, 5th Female
Badwater 135: 38:53, 10th woman
Bishop High Sierra 50 Mile: 10:29, 2nd Female, 1st AG
Whoo’s In El Moro 50k: 4:49, 2nd Female, 1st AG
Orange County Marathon: 3:30 PR
San Juan Trail 50k: 5:46, 5th Female, 1st AG
Calico 50k: 5:44, 5th Female
OC Throwdown: 23/75

Barbados Marathon: 3:42, 3rd Female
Devil Mountain 50k: 7:17
Tioga Pass 12.4 mile: 2:18, 4th  Female
Tamalapa Headlands 50K: 5:47, 8th Female, 1st AG
Mt. Disappointment 50k: 7:12
OC Fair 5k: 21:29, 6th Female, 1st AG
Mohican 100: 23:36, 1st Female, 4th OA
Peters Canyon 5 mi: 35:09, 2nd Female
Bishop 50: 9:59, 3rd Female
Whoo’s in El Moro 50k: 4:40, 4th Female, 1st Age
Next Level Crossfit Invitational: 8th Female
Orange County Marathon: 3:40

Barbados Marathon: 4:25
Dana Point Turkey Trot: 45:13
Javelina 100k: 14:33
Big Sur Trail Marathon: 4:32, 2nd Female
Bulldog 50k: 5:44
OC Fair 5k: 19:58, 4th Female
Peters Canyon 5 mile: 36:36
OC Fair 5k: 20:37, 3rd Female
Western States 100: 29:54
Whoo’s in El Moro 50k: 5:34, 1st Age
Wild Wild West 50k: 6:12, 4th Female
Copper Canyon 50 Mile: 10:23, 4th Female
Coastal Challenge Stage Race: 1st Female, 1st OA
Avalon 50 Mile: 9:30


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