Coaching Reviews

“When I first started training with Alexa in 2013 I was an average runner who ran pretty much every day since I was 18. Running is part of me and I wanted to take it further by doing an ultramarathon and so hired Alexa. She trained me with strategy, wisdom and how to take my body one step further. Not only does she train you with strength and endurance, but she gives you confidence. She even helped to work around injury and helped with healing strategies. She kept in constant contact with me via email and text and even reassuring phone calls. Alexa takes the individual person and creates the perfect program for their goals. Knowing she is one of the best endurance athletes inspires you every time you hit a goal with her. She will also teach you how to rest and recover well, something a lot of athletes ignore. She even texted me the day of her second Badwater race to tell me how good my 24 mile run was! Alexa has gotten me in the best shape of my life and at 46, my limits are endless!”

– Donna


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