Im a runner again!

So its been a while since I posted to my blog, mostly because I like to blog about my running, however, in the past 6 months there has been no running going on at all. After I completed Badwater in July, I had some gnarly foot pain that wouldn’t go away, even after a month of complete rest. Turns out that I tore my plantar fascia.. a feat that is very uncommon and hard to do apparently, but I was lucky enough to do it… Therefore, at the end of September, I had surgery to repair it and am now finally healed enough to gradually start adding miles back in again.

This week was my first week back running consistently. I actually had gotten cleared to run several weeks ago, however on one of my first few runs back, I twisted my ankle AFTER a run, while I was walking back from the trail head to my car. Of course I would do that… So I ended up letting things heal for a couple more weeks. Anyways, my plan is to take things fairly easy for a couple weeks so I can just build my base back up and make sure the foot does ok. This week I took our new puppy, Mowgli, down to the beach trail by our house a few times for some 3 mile runs, which he loved… especially since he got so much attention from people who wanted to stop to pet him. I am so excited to have a little running buddy though. Most of the time my schedule is too hectic to meet up with friends to run and Mowgli is down to run whenever!

During the time I took off from running, I spent a lot more time focusing on crossfit. I have been hitting tons of PRs, especially on the Olympic lifts, which has been really exciting for me and kept me from going insane without running. For a few weeks, I even contemplated giving up long distance running entirely for a year or two to just focus on CF and see how far it got me and because I actually like the muscle Ive put on and the fact I have a booty now! But I just can’t imagine my life without ultra running.. at least not right now. Maintaining the balance between the two sports has always been a struggle for me.. ultimately one always suffers.. and usually its CF. However, I’m going to try and make it my goal this year to be the best that I can at both. My plan is to do 4 strength/CF workouts and 4-5 run workouts a week with at least 1 full recovery day. This will mean that some days I will be doubling up on workouts and I will have to make sure I’m eating enough and always taking Vitargo to help revovery between workouts. I definitely have some big goals for myself in both sports this year, so it will be interesting to see how things pan out. Here is  the tentative race schedule I have set for myself so far:

April: Leona Divide 50 (goal is to break 9 hours)
May: Whoo’s in El Moro 50k (sub 4:40)
June: Blackhills 100
September: Run Rabbit Run 100
December: Across the years 24 hour

As far as Crossfit, my goals are:
175 Clean and Jerk
135 Snatch
Compete in a Level 1 Division NLI competition
Get a damn ring muscle up!!!!! (so close!)
Break 4 min in Fran (right now im at 4:18)
And I’m sure Ill have more…

I know it is pretty contradictory to be strong and to be able to run far, but my goal this year is to try and prove that you can be good at both. I will definitely be posting to my blog much more often.. at least 2x a week and will also be posting what I am doing for workouts along with tips on CF, running, mobility, nutrition, etc.. so people can actually learn stuff, rather than just read all the crap I write about myself.

This weeks workouts 1/6-1/12
Monday: Strength
– 2-2-2-2-2-2 Hang Power Clean @ 135-140-145-150-155-160 (failed on second rep)
– 5-3-3-2-1 OHS: This was a mess… failed on the 5th rep at 125. Tried it again and got 3 reps. Dropped bar on my head when I failed the second time, so just quit 😦

Tuesday: Run/Lift
– 3 mile morning run
– 5 Rep Max Deadlift: 225
– 3 mile afternoon run

Wednesday: 3 mile run

Thursday: Crossfit
– 1-2-3-2-1: Back Squat (165#), Shoulder Press (85#), Bar Muscle Up
– 5 Rounds: 12 GHD Sit ups/ 12 Toes to Bar

Friday: CF/Run
– 2×3 Clean and Jerk @ 50%, 2×3 @ 55%, 1×4 @60%
– 3 min AMRAP: Power cleans (every time bar drops must do 5 burpee bar hop overs)
– 15-12-9-6-3: Push Press (75#), Chest to Bar Pullups, Kettlebell Swings (53#)
– 3 min AMRAP Double Unders
– 2.5 mile run

Saturday: 3.5 mile run

Sunday: 5 mile trail run


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