Product Review: Mila Chia Seeds

This past January, I was introduced to a product by my friend, Traci, while we were down in Brazil doing the Brazil 135, called Mila. Since then, Mila has become a daily staple of my diet. I love it and have seen a huge difference in my performance, recovery time and also physique.


Mila is a brand of chia seed and is a 100% raw food. I know many of you are already aware of the benefits of chia and maybe even include chia in your diet on a regular basis, but maybe you didn’t know that there are actually many different variants of chia seeds and some are not as good as others. Mila is actually made up of the highest quality and most potent seeds that there are and is USDA lab tested to have a higher mineral content than nine other different chia brands that were tested. Mila also has twice the potassium of a banana, 6x more calcium than a glass of milk, 15x more magnesium than broccoli, 3x more iron than spinach and 8x more omega 3s than wild salmon! So this is a great product for someone who doesn’t do dairy and HATES broccoli… umm like me.


If you are an athlete, adding Mila to your diet can help immensely. Mila can not only help increase your physical ability by helping with the increase of lean muscle mass and by lubricating your joints, but also aids in nutrient transport within the body and to your brain, making it easier to focus. For those of you who are endurance athletes, like me, Mila also can really help with hydrating. By being able to absorb 12x its weight in water, it holds on to moisture and is able to help you stay hydrated longer, which also helps in regulating electrolyte balance. Yet, another added bonus is since it has natural anti inflammatory properties, it also helps to decrease muscle swelling, making it easier to recover from hard workouts.


Like I said, the first experience that I had with Mila was during my Brazil 135 trip. My friend and crew member, Traci, shared some of hers with me during the couple days leading up to the race as well as during the race and after. The temperature during the race was ridiculously hot. Maybe not quite as hot as Badwater, but like 90s-100 and insanely humid. There were numerous people dropping from the race due to heat exhaustion and kidney problems as well as other runners who were puking their guts out. However, I was fortunate to never have any sort of cramping, stomach issues or other signs of dehydration, which I definitely attribute to Mila (and Vitargo). I have used Mila during other races as well. During my win at this May’s Whoo’s in El Moro 50k, I took Mila mixed with Vitargo at the half way point in the race and could definitely feel focused and energized. I was even able to run exactly even splits on both 25k loops of the race. However, aside from being able to just stay hydrated, I think the biggest result I have seen by using Mila was the fast recovery I had after my foot surgery in April. I was crossfitting only 3 days later and was running only 3 weeks later after having 6 ligaments repaired as well as correcting my plantar fascitis, so that was HUGE for me! Finally, in the past two months or so, I have dropped about 6 pounds, however have been still been able PR in my lifts, which means I haven’t been losing much muscle.

Barbados last year right before I was introduced to Mila

Barbados last year right before I was introduced to Mila

After using Mila for several months... abs!!

After using Mila for several months… abs!!


I take Mila a few times a day. In the morning I’ll take one or two scoops mixed into either water or some coconut water. During long runs or races I will mix some into my Vitargo as well as after for recovery. All in all I am taking about 4 scoops a day. One other thing that is good about Mila compared to other chia seeds is that it mixes way better. Other chia seeds you have to let soak for forever. I can mix Mila into whatever Im drinking and drink it right away. You can also cook with Mila, however I haven’t tried it yet.

If you are interested in Mila, you can actually get it through me here. I liked it so much, I became an independent distributor! Feel free to also email me any questions you have about the product as well at


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