Product Review: Simple Hydration water bottle

Over the past month or so, I had seen several of my FaceBook friends posting about these new water bottles they had been using, made by a company called, Simple Hydration. The 13oz bottles apparently just hooked on to the back of your shorts or sports bra so you could still carry bottles on the run while keeping your hands free. I was actually intrigued and it seemed like an interesting method. Then a couple weeks later, I was friend requested by, Brain, who turned out to be the owner of the company, and he asked if he could send Mark and I some bottles to try out. Gladly, I accepted his offer!

I tried my bottles out for the first time this past Sunday on an 8 miler I ran with my friend, Carrie and they worked well for me. However, I have to say that I had to use one of those running belts (you know the ones that have the little pockets that you can stash gels or your cell phone in?) because I didn’t feel like my shorts were tight enough around the waist to hold the bottles completely up. Usually I run in the Lululemon speed shorts, which dont have as think or as tight of a waist band as other running shorts do, like the Nike tempo shorts. Anyways, with the running belt the bottles stayed up nicely and it was nice to be able to run with my hands free since holding water bottles can get somewhat annoying sometimes and they can also kinda through you out of wack if you just run with one bottle.

On Wednesday, I went out on another run with them and this time I hooked the bottle into the back of my sports bra. The bottle fit really snug, however, it was a tad tricky to put back while remaining running, especially while trying to do a tempo run! The bottles are very comfortable to hold in your hand though, so I held the bottle while I ran and then tucked it back in my sports bra when I was finished with it.

Overall review: Good product!

– Bottles fit much more snug in shorts with a thicker waistband or with a running belt as opposed to looser shorts
– Also fit nicely in back of sports bra, however a tad hard to grab. Better for stashing empty bottle.
– Very convenient for shorter runs
– Will be great to have at Badwater. I’m sure the cold bottles will feel good against my skin
– Easy to hold


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