Product Review: Injinji 2.0 line

So it may sound a little weird to get excited over socks, but trust me, the new Injinji 2.0 line is definitely worth getting excited about. Last week, I came home to an unexpected package from Injinji, which contained an assortment of different socks from their new line..

Now let’s go over why these socks are so great…

I’m sure a lot of you just think that they look cool. Well thats a given. If you’ve worn the socks in the past, you also probably thought that they would be great for blister prevention amongst your toes since each one is separated… and that is also true. However, did you also know that the socks not only look cool and prevent blisters, but they also help to properly align your toes, which helps with posture and balance? The body works as a kinetic chain, which means that all your muscles, joints, nerves, etc work together. You’re feet are obviously the first part of the body to make contact with the ground, so having issues with your feet could potentially cause problems to move upwards into your ankle, calves, knee, hips, etc. So be nice to your feet 🙂

Like I said, there are different socks for different purposes in the new 2.0 line. Ill start with the Run Performance 2.0. These socks are a bit more padded then the traditional Injinji socks, which I really like since I normally wear thicker socks when I run long. The heel also has slightly more padding and there is extra support on the arch area and metatarsal area that gives the socks a little more of a snugger fit, which I like as well. In addition, the socks have a mesh top to help your feet breathe better and finally there is a Lycra band with increased compression around the ankle to keep the sock in place and prevent it from sliding down. Seriously, when your socks slide down has to be one of the most annoying things ever. But down worry, these don’t do that! These socks are fantastic. I love them. The new spring/summer colors are really cute too. I have a pair or hot pink and blue ones.

The Trail Performance 2.0 socks have all of the same great qualities as the Run 2.0, however there is a double elastic cuff to go around the ankle to prevent dirt and small annoying rocks from getting in and to also keep your socks in place.

The Compression Ex-celerator 2.0 provide the benefits of the Run 2.0, however it seems like maybe slightly less padding, but also adds the benefit of compression. I am a big compression sock wearer. My calves get tight a lot and I’ve had issues with my popiliteous (muscle behind your knee), but found that wearing compression on my calves makes it feel much better. I definitely like 2.0 better than the previous Injinji compression socks. I feel like these ones give slightly more compression than the old ones, however aren’t TOO tight like other brands. Seriously, during races there have been times I can’t even get my compression socks on (or off after!) because they were too tight. Also the older version were just a tad bit too long for me. These ones are perfect and come in more exciting colors than black and white, such as purple, blue and pink 🙂

Finally, there is the Performance Yoga 2.0. These socks are a little bit thinner than the run socks and are also made with a cool, bamboo type of fabric, which makes them really soft. The bottom of the socks also have little grip thingies that help prevent you from slipping when holding your yoga pose. I’m not huge into yoga I’ll admit, but these socks are also great for stretching and for walking around the house in 🙂

If you are a runner, of any distance, I would definitely recommend these socks. They are also great for CrossFitting in as well. I feel more balanced, which is obviously important when lifting heavy! Injinji will have a booth at the following races this year, so if you will be attending any of them be sure to stop by check them out!

April 6: American River 50 Mile
April 12: Boston Marathon
June 1: San Diego RNR Marathon
June 8: San Diego 100 Mile
June 29: Western States 100
September 28: UROC 100k



28 Days

So after this Friday… no running or crossfit for TWENTY EIGHT DAYS! Seriously I am not happy about that. I have just finally started to feel in shape again with running and also have been crossfitting very well and now I have to put those two things on hold for a little bit.  However, what I am happy about is that I can get this stupid nagging foot injury finally fixed, which has been bugging me since last May. Over the past  8 or so months, I have been diagnosed with plantar, sinus tarsitis, a heel bruise and a stress reaction. Sometimes the pain is unbearable to run in and other times its really not bad and after my foot is warmed up, I can run without even feeling anything. Lately it hasn’t been horrible for the most part, but since I can still feel it, my podiatrist finally allowed me to get an MRI. Well turns out I do have plantar, severe planter actually, and also have joint effusion and 5 torn ligaments. Turns out to be worse than I thought it would be and I’m pretty surprised I was able to run two 135s and a 100 on that. Probably wasn’t the smartest move, but I had no idea. Anyways, so the podiatrist said that I need surgery or else since I already tore so many ligaments in my foot, the next thing to go is my achilles.. and thats no good.

Luckily, I was able to get surgery scheduled asap, which will be this Friday (which coincidently is also when my mom is having bunion surgery so we get to go together, yay!). Its really not even a surgery. There will be no incision and instead my doctor will use needles and some high tech stuff to repair everything. I was freaking the f**k out at first, because I have Badwater in a few months, but he reassured me that since there is no incision, I will heal quickly and Ill be up and running in a month. Had I only tore 1 ligament, I’d be running in 10 days, but I tore 5. Whoops.

Also, thankfully I will be able to workout a bit after 4 days of the surgery, I will just have to do so wearing a boot. So during the next month, I’m just going to become best friends with the airdyne bike so I can try and maintain some endurance and then do as many weights and core work as I can along as keep my diet absolutely as perfect as can be so that 1.) I don’t get fat and 2.) make sure I recover at top speed! I have started using this product called, Mila, which is a very high quality type of chia seeds that help to bring down inflammation and honestly I have already noticed reduced pain over the past couple weeks! After the 28 days I will be able to start running again. The first week back, I can do up to 25% of what I was doing before, 50% the second week and 100% back to normal the 3rd week.

I’m trying to keep my head up through all of this. Maybe the break from running will even be a good thing. Back in 2011 I remember I had to take at least a month break off running, maybe even 2 months, due to a bad piriformis injury. I started running again in March, PRd my marathon time by 9 min in May, PRd my 50k by almost an hour two weeks after that, placed 3rd in a 50 mile a week after that and then won a 100 miler in June, which was a 5 hour PR. So the rest thing seemed to work well for me so I’m REALLY hoping the same thing happens again for Badwater!

So running and crossfit, I will miss you these next few weeks, but at least I am going to get ripped from all the bench and bicep curls I will be able to do! See, there’s always a silver lining! 🙂

Product Review: Simple Hydration water bottle

Over the past month or so, I had seen several of my FaceBook friends posting about these new water bottles they had been using, made by a company called, Simple Hydration. The 13oz bottles apparently just hooked on to the back of your shorts or sports bra so you could still carry bottles on the run while keeping your hands free. I was actually intrigued and it seemed like an interesting method. Then a couple weeks later, I was friend requested by, Brain, who turned out to be the owner of the company, and he asked if he could send Mark and I some bottles to try out. Gladly, I accepted his offer!

I tried my bottles out for the first time this past Sunday on an 8 miler I ran with my friend, Carrie and they worked well for me. However, I have to say that I had to use one of those running belts (you know the ones that have the little pockets that you can stash gels or your cell phone in?) because I didn’t feel like my shorts were tight enough around the waist to hold the bottles completely up. Usually I run in the Lululemon speed shorts, which dont have as think or as tight of a waist band as other running shorts do, like the Nike tempo shorts. Anyways, with the running belt the bottles stayed up nicely and it was nice to be able to run with my hands free since holding water bottles can get somewhat annoying sometimes and they can also kinda through you out of wack if you just run with one bottle.

On Wednesday, I went out on another run with them and this time I hooked the bottle into the back of my sports bra. The bottle fit really snug, however, it was a tad tricky to put back while remaining running, especially while trying to do a tempo run! The bottles are very comfortable to hold in your hand though, so I held the bottle while I ran and then tucked it back in my sports bra when I was finished with it.

Overall review: Good product!

– Bottles fit much more snug in shorts with a thicker waistband or with a running belt as opposed to looser shorts
– Also fit nicely in back of sports bra, however a tad hard to grab. Better for stashing empty bottle.
– Very convenient for shorter runs
– Will be great to have at Badwater. I’m sure the cold bottles will feel good against my skin
– Easy to hold