It’s Badwater Time Bi*ches!

“Rise and shine, its Badwater time bi*ches!” was the phrase I woke up to, said by my best friend and crew member, Traci, the morning of the race last year. My whole team and I started cracking up and I knew that we were going to all have a blast out on that 135 mile stretch of road that was ahead of us to conquer. Long story short, we made it… and now we get to go for ROUND TWO!

I am beyond thrilled and honored to have been invited back to run the race for a second year in a row (out of thousands of applicants only 100 are chosen each year!), especially since it seemed like there were a lot of very talented runners who have run more 100s than I have that unfortunately did not get chosen this year. However, since Badwater last year, I ran Chimera 100, which I thought was a very tough 100 and also completed the Brazil 135 and so I do believe that I put in the work and deserve to be out there on that starting line.

Now that I have run the race myself once, I think this years race is going to be even better. I would love to knock a few hours off my time this year and try for under 36 hours, which I think is totally manageable with now knowing ways where I can improve on my training as well as time management and crewing techniques during the race itself. Last year I also had some crazy hip bursitis that popped up only 35 miles into the race, which completely sucked and slowed me down a lot since I had no range of motion in my hip, which in turn made running another 100 miles even more difficult and caused me to have to stop and stretch and ice way too many times. I’m sure all you heard from that last two sentences was “blah blah blah, excuses, excuses.”But anyways, lets just hope that doesn’t happen again…

I am also super excited that most of my crew from last years race will be coming back again! My mom will be Crew mama/chief again and Traci and Jana will be coming back for round two as well. Also, I made a new friend at a 6 hour race I did last weekend who is going to crew me! Her name is Victoria, and is about my age and has crewed the race before and looking to crew again. Coincidently her boyfriend will be crewing my boyfriend for the 3rd year in a row so thought she would be perfect to bring on board. Its going to be another stupidly fun girls weekend out in the desert (stupid fun because running 135 miles through Death Valley in July just plain not smart, but it is definitely a good time). We may goof off a lot but when it comes down to business we get the job done!

Then to top things off, I am being backed by some great sponsors. I will of course be running for Genr8 Vitargo (or “Vit-a-grow” or “Vertigo” as my crossfit friends like to call it) who will fuel me during the race. Vitargo worked so well for me last year and never gave me any stomach issues while running in 120 degree heat, so I think there is something to be said about that! Also Injinji will be supporting me and Hoka. Injinji socks + Hoka shoes is pretty much the winning combo for happy feat and = no blisters from my experience, which is also a huge deal. Blisters can take you out in a race or severely slow you down so you don’t want to mess with those!

Lots of hard training coming up in the next few months and lots of time out in the sun and the heat, which makes me very very happy along with the fact that I get to train for the race again with Mark 🙂 I will definitely be tracking my journey here as  I prepare for the race so keep posted if you are interested.  Congrats to all the other runners who got into this years race as well. Now time to go run!


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