Break time over, time to train again!

Last month, around the half way point of the Brazil 135, when I was having one of my low points, I remember saying how after the race I was going to need a break from 100s and how I definitely wasn’t going to Badwater this year. In the moment I just felt beaten down and couldn’t fathom putting myself through another race as physically and mentally challenging as the one I was participating in right then, anytime in the near future.

However… funny how soon all that pain and suffering distances itself from your memory as soon as you cross that finish line. I am already itching to another 100 again and I definitely want to do Badwater again this year. I filled out my application and Thursday I will find out if I got in.

After Brazil, I took a good 3 weeks off from running, not only to let my body recover, but also my mind. I wanted to be physically and mentally ready for the training that is going to be necessary for Badwater this year if I get in. I want to WANT to train hard and enjoy the process and not just get through it as a means to an end.

But I don’t even want to wait until July to run another 100(+) miles. That just seems so far away. I’m not very patient I guess. I think I have been spoiled with doing so many fun races that now if I don’t have anything to train for or any big races to do, regular life just isn’t quite as exciting. Don’t get me wrong, I love my life, Mark, my family and friends, my work and all of it very much, but there is just something about running all day and night through mountains or deserts that just make you feel so much more alive. When you run long distances, everything is pretty simple… you just have to worry about putting one foot in front of the other and drinking enough water and consuming enough calories, however you think so much more clearly and emotions are so amplified. And it sometimes just feels so good to just push past the point where you have pretty much nothing left in you, to the point you are just completely and utterly wiped out and every inch of your body aches. I think when you go through stuff like that it makes you appreciate life more, and things like your bed.

So I decided that I need to get one more 100 out of my system until Badwater (if I get in!) and I found the perfect one. Its called the Beyond Limits Ultramarathon, which consists of a 2 mile loop course. I know that probably sounds like hell on earth to most people, but I am seriously excited about this. I have been wanting to do a timed event for a while now and this race has a 24 hour option. So my goal is to try and PR my 100 mile and then just hang on for dear life for the remaining hours. Mark thinks I can break 20 hours for the 100 mile point as long as I don’t bullshit around and stop too much. Actually he said I’m not allowed to stop or sit down at all haha. I think I can do it though, just need to get a little more speed in my legs over the next few weeks. Training for Brazil made me really strong and better at climbing, but I am so not use to running on flats right now. So I have some work to do! This weekend as a trial run, I am doing a 6 hour race down in San Diego with my friend, Summer. Goal is 35 miles. Ill let you know how it goes.

Thats all for now. Keep fingers crossed that I get into Badwater!!!


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