I joined Crossfit Anaerobic in March 2010, just a couple months after they had first opened. My boyfriend, Mark, had been training with one of the previous owners, Brian Mackenzie, and brought me in one day to try out a class. I had heard of Crossfit before, but never had actually been through a “WOD.” I wasn’t too nervous though. I had just finished my first 100 mile race just a few months before. I figured if I could get though that, then I could get though an hour at the gym. 

My first workout went pretty well. It was a chipper wod, with really basic movements such as air squats, sit ups, ring rows and pushups. It was harder than I had expected, but I had a fun time with it and decided to start On Ramp just a few days later. 

Thats when things started to get hard. Even though I picked up the movements fairly well, I was wrecked. I still remember the first day that we did backsquats and box jumps. I could barely walk down stairs and I definitely couldn’t get in any decent amount of running. I guess I wasn’t in as good of shape as I had thought. I had endurance, but I lacked a ton of strength. However, the more I did crossfit, the more and more I fell in love with it. It wasn’t a normal gym where people just went in and did their own workouts and kept to themselves, but a place to go and get your ass kicked along side friends.

After a couple weeks of being in Crossfit, I had needed to do an internship for one of my classes at school and thought that interning at Anaerobic would be perfect since I was a Kinesiology major. I started out just shadowing classes, then would help coach a junior high/high school soccer program that we held at the time and then helped coach our Bootcamp class. In October of 2010 I got my Level 1 CF certification as well as my CF Endurance certification and over the next several months I gradually picked up more classes and eventually because a full time coach. 


Over the past 3 years I have been lucky to see our gym grow to where it is today. We have picked up quite a few members, gained a few new awesome coaches, opened a second Anaerobic gym, and moved our first location into an even bigger, nicer location. We have held more events and clinics and implemented more classes. 


During the years years, Crossfit Anaerobic has grown into much more than a community, but more into a tight knit family and yesterday’s Battle of the Boxes proved that and I could not have been happier about how the event went, especially since my gym won. Just kidding 🙂 


Although the event was a competition to see which gym was the “toughest,” it was more importantly about bringing everyone together and people pushing their limits and working together as one team. It was truly amazing to see every single member that participated yesterday giving it all they had in them in each WOD and seeing other members cheer them on and support them no mater if they were AI1 or AI2. And when all the workouts were done with, it was a pretty cool sight to see everyone just sitting on the gym floor, drinking beers and eating BBQ together. People weren’t segregated into groups of AI1 or AI2.. we were all one big family. 

Thank you everyone who participated in the event yesterday and helped me to raise money for my 135 mile race down in Brazil next month. I know that most of you just think I’m a wack job for wanting to run that far, but I hope you all know how much it means to me that you guys are supporting me in this. I hope to make you guys all proud down there and also I promised Michael Martin to get some good video footage of my ups and downs during the race so maybe you guys can better understand what I go through during these things or at least to get a good laugh 🙂 

Also, thank you members, coaches and owners for helping to grow our gym into the family that it is today. Love you guys.


3 thoughts on “Growth

  1. Well said Alexa! You are a true asset to the box and a great coach. Thank you for all of your work with the BOB. Run hard in Brazil! I know you will conquer each of the 135 miles!

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