Running, Christmas and Stuff…


Last week I tried to run my first 100 mile non race week in preparation for Brazil. Well, it started off good, but then holidays got in the way. Boo 😦 I ended up being 15 miles short, but whatever because 85 miles is still a damn good running week. I am typically a lower mileage runner, so it was a pretty big week for me, and I was really happy with how I felt on each run throughout the week. I ran 15 miles on Sunday, Tuesday and Wednesday. 9 on Tuesday. Thursday was a rest day and then Friday I ran my first ever self supported 50k. The 50k was actually my best day of running. I felt absolutely awesome the whole time and loved being out on the trails all by myself, listening to my music and being able to run wherever the heck I wanted to go. The last 7 mile loop I was flying too, running low 8 minute miles. My legs weren’t even tired. 

Saturday I had planned on going out for one more 15 miler but I coached in the morning until almost noon and then realized I had ZERO shopping done for Christmas and just didn’t feel right about being selfish and running instead of getting shopping done. Oh well. So that was that. 


I wasn’t bummed for that long because there were way too many Christmas festivities going on anyways. On Sunday I hosted open gym at my CF then Mark and I went up to my aunt’s house, then X mas eve I worked out with CF friends (which btw I am STILL sore from!) then we went to a party at Anthony’s house (owner of Genr8). Xmas morning we went to my Mom’s and then X mas afternoon I went to my Dad’s. See… that’s a lot of stuff! Hanging out with family was way fun though. I was especially excited to see all of my siblings. One of my brothers lives in Syracuse and my two younger brothers and younger sister live with my dad and are so busy with school and sports and extra curricular activities that I rarely get to see them either. It actually made me a bit sad to see the younger ones because it seemed like they all went through a major growth spurt since the last time I saw them a couple months ago and I realized how much I am missing out with them growing up. So I’m definitely going to make more of an effort to see them more. Yesterday I went back to run near their house just so I could hang out with them for a little bit after 🙂 


Now tomorrow is Battle of the Boxes, which I have been helping organize at our crossfit gym. Our gym has two locations and so we are putting on a CF competition to see which gym is the “toughest.” We have over 100 members who will each be participating in three WODs, which I programmed 🙂 We will also have food and drinks and Genr8 will also be there providing Vitargo for between WODs. The event is also being held to help raise money for my Brazil trip, which I am thankful beyond words about! And aside from it being awesome that they are helping me raise money, it has been really cool to see the camaraderie build among the members as they have been preparing for this thing. Also the smack talk and the pranks between gyms has been quite hilarious. Seriously my gym ROCKS. 

So that is all for now! Have to get some rest so I can help my gym kick butt tomorrow. Hope everyone had a merry christmas! 


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