The Countdown Begins

One month from now, Mark and I will have arrived in Brazil. We will spend a week in paradise, basking in the sun on the glorious beaches, with a cocktail in hand.

Wait, thats what normal people would do on vacation in Brazil. We are going down to run 135 miles through the jungle, but I’m sure that I’ll be wishing I was doing that about 20+ hours into the race. Just kidding! I will be delirious at that point anyways, which is always a fun time!

I’m starting to get pretty excited for this trip. For a couple weeks I was getting more stressed out over it than anything and was debating whether I had made the right choice in even applying to this race. Plane tickets are outrageously expensive going down to Brazil, Mark wasn’t even sure that he was going to be able to go, which made me really nervous about traveling to a foreign country by myself, and to top it off, finding a crew actually seemed committed seemed like it was going to be impossible.

However, Brazil has been a country that I have wanted to visit for forever. My Mom’s side of the family is from Brazil and so I have always been intrigued by the country and have wanted to go down and visit. I always figure if there is a will there is a way, so I tried to stay optimistic that everything would play out how it was suppose to and now, luckily, it is seeming to. Flights and hotel are booked and I have a wonderful crew set up. Now just hoping everything keeps flowing this way.

So now for the next 2 weeks, I just really want to focus on my training. My goal this week is to get in my first ever 100 mile week (without actually having a race involved). I’m not a super high mileage person and the farthest I have ever done in a non racing week is about 70 or 80 miles, which means that this will be a bit of a jump for me. However, I have always wanted to try and do a 100 mile week and figure now is a great time. I always get a great training effect when I put in a good amount of miles a few weeks out from a race and with a 3 week taper to follow, I will have enough time to recover. And I know that this is no big deal for a lot of runners who do this mileage (and even well beyond) on a weekly basis, but it’s something that will be a challenge for me. Lots of Vitargo will definitely be needed this week!

Day one of my big training week was 15 miles with my friend, Keira. We ran trails all over Laguna Beach and got in some really steep climbs. We are also planning on a few other days of running this week, including a 30 mile jaunt on her Ray Miller 50k course on Friday with a bunch of other friends. So I think that it will be a really fun week of running even though I know I will be trashed by the end of it!

Stay tuned for more updates about training and about Brazil as the race gets closer!


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