This weekend Mark and I got back from our third trip together to Barbados and it was UH-MAZING!. The past two years we have ran the Barbados International Marathon, but for some lame reason this year the marathon was cancelled due to a reroute even though the half, 10k, 5k, 3k and mile run were still kept.. WTH right?! So we skipped racing this year and did runs everyday from our hotel. Mark and I love to sleep in and plus waking up early on vacation is blasphemy so we would never get out the door to go run until 10 or 11 when it was perfectly hot and humid for us, which made for really good Brazil 135 training.

Most people think that vacation is for just relaxing, but I think vacation is perfect time for running. It is the perfect time for exploring and sight seeing without being stuck in tour groups with people you don’t know and listening to guides talk about stuff you don’t give a crap about.

One of my favorite things to see when we go exploring around cities and towns (besides the trails and mountains and jungles, etc) is churches. I’m not a religious person, but I just love running by and looking at them. Most of them are so old and have such unique architecture and I just think they are really pretty to look at.


I also love looking at all the houses in Barbados when I run. They are all bright Crayola crayon colored and aren’t cookie cutter like the ones on our street. A lot of them also have horses or cows or goats tied up in the front lawn. I just find it interesting how people live in other countries and it also makes me grateful for what I have. I’m glad that I can just go to Whole Foods around the corner from my house to get some organic grass fed beef, rather than killing the family cow because I don’t think that I could do that.

Anyways, the rest of our vacation was spent relaxing. We drank lots of rum punch and laid out by the beach and the pool. I read two books, “Wild,” and “Room,” and Mark read probably 5 pages of “IT,” which he has been trying to read for two years now.

On Tuesday we went on the Jolly Roger, which is a pirate ship that sails around the island. When we first got on, I was worried it was going to be a bit lame because they were playing cheesy Caribbean music and everyone else besides Mark and I and one other couple was 60+ years old, but it turned out to be so much fun. We got to drink lots of rum punch that tasted more like lemonade and was made of 50% rum and I got to walk the plank and go snorkeling and do rope swings from the boat and saw sea turtles (MY FAVORITE!!!) and I even danced a little (and I am NOT a dancer!). So this was probably my favorite day. I loved it.


Wednesday we went Zip lining. It was kind of short, but fun as well and we got to zip line through the gullies.

On our last full day, we went down to the more touristy part of the island and got to ride the bus down there, which is an adventure in itself. Bus drivers are CRAZY drivers down there and haul ass through the streets. Mark and I think that they must play games with each other as to who can do their route the fastest in order to keep themselves occupied.

When we got down there, we had a couple drinks at this bar we went to last year that we really loved that over looked the ocean just as the sun was setting. How romantic. Awwww.

 Then we went to Oistins fish fry, which they have every Friday night, and we got some fresh grilled fish and I got my Bajan sweet potatoes and Mark got his macaroni pie.. two dishes that we had been craving. Barbados has some great food.

Saturday it was time to say good bye to Barbados and return to real life. However, I like my real life so that was ok plus I’m sure we will be back in Barbados again.

Also… 1 month from today we leave for BRAZIL!


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