I joined Crossfit Anaerobic in March 2010, just a couple months after they had first opened. My boyfriend, Mark, had been training with one of the previous owners, Brian Mackenzie, and brought me in one day to try out a class. I had heard of Crossfit before, but never had actually been through a “WOD.” I wasn’t too nervous though. I had just finished my first 100 mile race just a few months before. I figured if I could get though that, then I could get though an hour at the gym. 

My first workout went pretty well. It was a chipper wod, with really basic movements such as air squats, sit ups, ring rows and pushups. It was harder than I had expected, but I had a fun time with it and decided to start On Ramp just a few days later. 

Thats when things started to get hard. Even though I picked up the movements fairly well, I was wrecked. I still remember the first day that we did backsquats and box jumps. I could barely walk down stairs and I definitely couldn’t get in any decent amount of running. I guess I wasn’t in as good of shape as I had thought. I had endurance, but I lacked a ton of strength. However, the more I did crossfit, the more and more I fell in love with it. It wasn’t a normal gym where people just went in and did their own workouts and kept to themselves, but a place to go and get your ass kicked along side friends.

After a couple weeks of being in Crossfit, I had needed to do an internship for one of my classes at school and thought that interning at Anaerobic would be perfect since I was a Kinesiology major. I started out just shadowing classes, then would help coach a junior high/high school soccer program that we held at the time and then helped coach our Bootcamp class. In October of 2010 I got my Level 1 CF certification as well as my CF Endurance certification and over the next several months I gradually picked up more classes and eventually because a full time coach. 


Over the past 3 years I have been lucky to see our gym grow to where it is today. We have picked up quite a few members, gained a few new awesome coaches, opened a second Anaerobic gym, and moved our first location into an even bigger, nicer location. We have held more events and clinics and implemented more classes. 


During the years years, Crossfit Anaerobic has grown into much more than a community, but more into a tight knit family and yesterday’s Battle of the Boxes proved that and I could not have been happier about how the event went, especially since my gym won. Just kidding 🙂 


Although the event was a competition to see which gym was the “toughest,” it was more importantly about bringing everyone together and people pushing their limits and working together as one team. It was truly amazing to see every single member that participated yesterday giving it all they had in them in each WOD and seeing other members cheer them on and support them no mater if they were AI1 or AI2. And when all the workouts were done with, it was a pretty cool sight to see everyone just sitting on the gym floor, drinking beers and eating BBQ together. People weren’t segregated into groups of AI1 or AI2.. we were all one big family. 

Thank you everyone who participated in the event yesterday and helped me to raise money for my 135 mile race down in Brazil next month. I know that most of you just think I’m a wack job for wanting to run that far, but I hope you all know how much it means to me that you guys are supporting me in this. I hope to make you guys all proud down there and also I promised Michael Martin to get some good video footage of my ups and downs during the race so maybe you guys can better understand what I go through during these things or at least to get a good laugh 🙂 

Also, thank you members, coaches and owners for helping to grow our gym into the family that it is today. Love you guys.


Running, Christmas and Stuff…


Last week I tried to run my first 100 mile non race week in preparation for Brazil. Well, it started off good, but then holidays got in the way. Boo 😦 I ended up being 15 miles short, but whatever because 85 miles is still a damn good running week. I am typically a lower mileage runner, so it was a pretty big week for me, and I was really happy with how I felt on each run throughout the week. I ran 15 miles on Sunday, Tuesday and Wednesday. 9 on Tuesday. Thursday was a rest day and then Friday I ran my first ever self supported 50k. The 50k was actually my best day of running. I felt absolutely awesome the whole time and loved being out on the trails all by myself, listening to my music and being able to run wherever the heck I wanted to go. The last 7 mile loop I was flying too, running low 8 minute miles. My legs weren’t even tired. 

Saturday I had planned on going out for one more 15 miler but I coached in the morning until almost noon and then realized I had ZERO shopping done for Christmas and just didn’t feel right about being selfish and running instead of getting shopping done. Oh well. So that was that. 


I wasn’t bummed for that long because there were way too many Christmas festivities going on anyways. On Sunday I hosted open gym at my CF then Mark and I went up to my aunt’s house, then X mas eve I worked out with CF friends (which btw I am STILL sore from!) then we went to a party at Anthony’s house (owner of Genr8). Xmas morning we went to my Mom’s and then X mas afternoon I went to my Dad’s. See… that’s a lot of stuff! Hanging out with family was way fun though. I was especially excited to see all of my siblings. One of my brothers lives in Syracuse and my two younger brothers and younger sister live with my dad and are so busy with school and sports and extra curricular activities that I rarely get to see them either. It actually made me a bit sad to see the younger ones because it seemed like they all went through a major growth spurt since the last time I saw them a couple months ago and I realized how much I am missing out with them growing up. So I’m definitely going to make more of an effort to see them more. Yesterday I went back to run near their house just so I could hang out with them for a little bit after 🙂 


Now tomorrow is Battle of the Boxes, which I have been helping organize at our crossfit gym. Our gym has two locations and so we are putting on a CF competition to see which gym is the “toughest.” We have over 100 members who will each be participating in three WODs, which I programmed 🙂 We will also have food and drinks and Genr8 will also be there providing Vitargo for between WODs. The event is also being held to help raise money for my Brazil trip, which I am thankful beyond words about! And aside from it being awesome that they are helping me raise money, it has been really cool to see the camaraderie build among the members as they have been preparing for this thing. Also the smack talk and the pranks between gyms has been quite hilarious. Seriously my gym ROCKS. 

So that is all for now! Have to get some rest so I can help my gym kick butt tomorrow. Hope everyone had a merry christmas! 

The Countdown Begins

One month from now, Mark and I will have arrived in Brazil. We will spend a week in paradise, basking in the sun on the glorious beaches, with a cocktail in hand.

Wait, thats what normal people would do on vacation in Brazil. We are going down to run 135 miles through the jungle, but I’m sure that I’ll be wishing I was doing that about 20+ hours into the race. Just kidding! I will be delirious at that point anyways, which is always a fun time!

I’m starting to get pretty excited for this trip. For a couple weeks I was getting more stressed out over it than anything and was debating whether I had made the right choice in even applying to this race. Plane tickets are outrageously expensive going down to Brazil, Mark wasn’t even sure that he was going to be able to go, which made me really nervous about traveling to a foreign country by myself, and to top it off, finding a crew actually seemed committed seemed like it was going to be impossible.

However, Brazil has been a country that I have wanted to visit for forever. My Mom’s side of the family is from Brazil and so I have always been intrigued by the country and have wanted to go down and visit. I always figure if there is a will there is a way, so I tried to stay optimistic that everything would play out how it was suppose to and now, luckily, it is seeming to. Flights and hotel are booked and I have a wonderful crew set up. Now just hoping everything keeps flowing this way.

So now for the next 2 weeks, I just really want to focus on my training. My goal this week is to get in my first ever 100 mile week (without actually having a race involved). I’m not a super high mileage person and the farthest I have ever done in a non racing week is about 70 or 80 miles, which means that this will be a bit of a jump for me. However, I have always wanted to try and do a 100 mile week and figure now is a great time. I always get a great training effect when I put in a good amount of miles a few weeks out from a race and with a 3 week taper to follow, I will have enough time to recover. And I know that this is no big deal for a lot of runners who do this mileage (and even well beyond) on a weekly basis, but it’s something that will be a challenge for me. Lots of Vitargo will definitely be needed this week!

Day one of my big training week was 15 miles with my friend, Keira. We ran trails all over Laguna Beach and got in some really steep climbs. We are also planning on a few other days of running this week, including a 30 mile jaunt on her Ray Miller 50k course on Friday with a bunch of other friends. So I think that it will be a really fun week of running even though I know I will be trashed by the end of it!

Stay tuned for more updates about training and about Brazil as the race gets closer!


This weekend Mark and I got back from our third trip together to Barbados and it was UH-MAZING!. The past two years we have ran the Barbados International Marathon, but for some lame reason this year the marathon was cancelled due to a reroute even though the half, 10k, 5k, 3k and mile run were still kept.. WTH right?! So we skipped racing this year and did runs everyday from our hotel. Mark and I love to sleep in and plus waking up early on vacation is blasphemy so we would never get out the door to go run until 10 or 11 when it was perfectly hot and humid for us, which made for really good Brazil 135 training.

Most people think that vacation is for just relaxing, but I think vacation is perfect time for running. It is the perfect time for exploring and sight seeing without being stuck in tour groups with people you don’t know and listening to guides talk about stuff you don’t give a crap about.

One of my favorite things to see when we go exploring around cities and towns (besides the trails and mountains and jungles, etc) is churches. I’m not a religious person, but I just love running by and looking at them. Most of them are so old and have such unique architecture and I just think they are really pretty to look at.


I also love looking at all the houses in Barbados when I run. They are all bright Crayola crayon colored and aren’t cookie cutter like the ones on our street. A lot of them also have horses or cows or goats tied up in the front lawn. I just find it interesting how people live in other countries and it also makes me grateful for what I have. I’m glad that I can just go to Whole Foods around the corner from my house to get some organic grass fed beef, rather than killing the family cow because I don’t think that I could do that.

Anyways, the rest of our vacation was spent relaxing. We drank lots of rum punch and laid out by the beach and the pool. I read two books, “Wild,” and “Room,” and Mark read probably 5 pages of “IT,” which he has been trying to read for two years now.

On Tuesday we went on the Jolly Roger, which is a pirate ship that sails around the island. When we first got on, I was worried it was going to be a bit lame because they were playing cheesy Caribbean music and everyone else besides Mark and I and one other couple was 60+ years old, but it turned out to be so much fun. We got to drink lots of rum punch that tasted more like lemonade and was made of 50% rum and I got to walk the plank and go snorkeling and do rope swings from the boat and saw sea turtles (MY FAVORITE!!!) and I even danced a little (and I am NOT a dancer!). So this was probably my favorite day. I loved it.


Wednesday we went Zip lining. It was kind of short, but fun as well and we got to zip line through the gullies.

On our last full day, we went down to the more touristy part of the island and got to ride the bus down there, which is an adventure in itself. Bus drivers are CRAZY drivers down there and haul ass through the streets. Mark and I think that they must play games with each other as to who can do their route the fastest in order to keep themselves occupied.

When we got down there, we had a couple drinks at this bar we went to last year that we really loved that over looked the ocean just as the sun was setting. How romantic. Awwww.

 Then we went to Oistins fish fry, which they have every Friday night, and we got some fresh grilled fish and I got my Bajan sweet potatoes and Mark got his macaroni pie.. two dishes that we had been craving. Barbados has some great food.

Saturday it was time to say good bye to Barbados and return to real life. However, I like my real life so that was ok plus I’m sure we will be back in Barbados again.

Also… 1 month from today we leave for BRAZIL!