Chimera Pre Race Thoughts

Tomorrow is the Chimera 100 miler. I spent this morning putting together my drop bags and went out for a two mile jog to loosen up my legs. Mentally I am in a really good place for this race tomorrow. This race will be a beast, but I REALLY want to finish this thing. Physically, I think I am in decent shape for it. I haven’t ran much the past two weeks because of a stress reaction in my foot, but I got in 6 hours on the bike two weekends ago and have been doing crossfit and some rowing. Two weeks out from a race, there is really nothing you can do to increase your fitness level anyways, so this whole stress reaction thing was hopefully a blessing in disguise that forced me to rest a little extra. Yesterday I went back to the podiatrist just to make sure everything was healing properly and there was no chance that I would cause a break in the bone by running this race. We took another set of X rays and everything came out perfect and the stress reaction was gone. I was thrilled 🙂

About a little over a week ago, I had found out that my original pacer, Nate, wasn’t going to be able to pace. Unfortunately a race he had wanted to do fell on the same weekend as Chimera. Nate is an outstanding runner (He ran Boston in like 2:30 something and just set a course record at a 25k a few weeks ago!), and so I really wanted him to be able to run his race instead of pace mer. I figured I could easily figure out another pacer, but I had a harder time than I thought. I was getting pretty stressed out because Chimera isn’t the first 100 I want to do with no pacer, but then I remembered my friend, Amelia, who I met last month at Rio Del Lago 100 (which she won!). We have been trying to get together for a run ever since and thought it would be worth a shot to ask. Lucky for me, she agreed and I am so stoked to have her as a pacer. I know that she will be amazing. The plan will be for her to pace me from mile 57-82 and then my mom agreed to pace me from 82 to the finish. With both of their help, I know that I am in really good hands for this race and I will make it to the finish line.

So overall I think that I am in a really good place for this race. My taper week has been beyond great too, which really helps. I got to go stand up paddle boarding for the first time, which I kind of sucked at, but I loved. I also got the approval from my crossfit to organize a “Battle of the Boxes” CF competition between our two gym locations (I LOVE my gym!), my Brazil crew is coming together and I found out my twin sister, Traci, will be able to go AND I got a Brazilian ultrarunner/adventure racer, Mauricio, to be on my crew as well. Last, but not least, I chopped my hair off and I absolutely LOVE it. Oh yeah, and I PR’d my “Helen” time at crossfit by over a minute (8:45!). Just so much exciting stuff. I hope this all means that tomorrow will go great as well! I will let you all know. Good luck to everyone else who is racing this weekend as well!


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