This week has been a busy one. But I like staying busy, so its all good. I got in a good 14 mile run on Monday and learned a new 13 mile loop near our house with Mark on Wednesday. I also did CF a whole 3x! My foot was kind of feeling weird this week though, so I took today off to let it rest and actually got in to see the podiatrist. Turns out I have a stress reaction in my cuboid bone in my left foot. Basically a stress reaction is what happens before a stress fracture. The bone gets inflamed and soft and eventually if not taken care of properly, it can lead to a crack in the bone, aka a stress fracture. It was a good thing that I went in and got it checked out today! I’ve had a stress fracture before in my foot and it sucked. So I know what most people are gonna say… you run too much and are overtraining, but I really don’t think that is what happened. A couple weeks ago, when I did a 20 mile night run, I rolled my ankle really bad. Since I was up in the mountains, I had to shake it off and keep running on it for 10 more miles and I think that was what did it. Boo. From now until Chimera I will just take it easy with running and ride my bike a little more and try and stay off it as much as possible and I think I’ll be A-ok.

Tuesday was a fun day though. A couple weeks ago I was asked by one of our members at my crossfit, Chirs, who is a professional photographer, if he could get some running shots of me for a project that he was working on. Of course I agreed and so Tuesday we went out and shot some photos on the Shady Canyon trails.

Chris takes really awesome pictures. The last two are my absolute favorites! To check out more of his pictures check out

Tomorrow will be my last long workout before Chimera. Last night, my friend Lauren, asked me if I wanted to do a 6 hour time trial cycling race with her out in Palm Springs. Since Im taking it easy with running, its perfect.. minus the fact that I have been on my bike once since I decided to stop training for the 508 because I suck at cycling. I will get my ass kicked, butI’m excited. My first real bike race! Ill let you all know how that goes later.

Peace out girl scouts.


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