Mid Week Motor Way Run

Todays run was short, but a darn good workout. I ran the Silverado Motor way, which starts at the bottom of Silverado Canyon and winds up to the Main Divide road… in 3 miles and climbs about 2000 ft. It is an ass kicker. Once at the top of the motor way, there are a couple different options. You can go left and run on the Main Divide towards Blackstar Canyon or you can go right and head towards Santiago Peak. If you head right you can also run a few miles on the Main Divide and then run down Maple Springs and back to your car, which makes a 17 mile loop. There are lots of options here..

The Motor Way will be part of the Chimera course. We will have the pleasure of climbing up it around mile 60, which I’m sure will be all sorts of fun. Luckily we get to pick up our pacer right before this so we at least get to share the experience with someone… or have someone to bitch to about it.

Usually when I run this trail solo, I just keep it short and run to the top and back down. I’ve done the 17 mile loop solo once but its probably not the smartest idea to do a solo long run in the mountains on a weekday. If I am only going to the top and back down though, I try and make a time trial out of it and see how fast I can get to the top. I am not the fastest technical hill climber, so my fastest is only 44:05. Today I only a minute off from that, but my goal is to eventually try and break 40 minutes on it.

After my run, I headed over to crossfit to lift with Mark. I got there a bit early, so actually spent a good 20 minutes foam rolling. Right now I am trying to focus on building some strength than crossfiting, so I haven’t really been doing too many “WODs” lately. In today’s lift I did:

2 Power Cleans every minute on the minute for 10 minutes @115lbs
5×5 Push Jerks @ 85, 90, 95, 95, 95lbs
5×5 Bent Rows @ 70lbs
3×10 Ring Dips
3×20 Kettlebell Swings @ 35lbs


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