9 miles on the STT

Todays run was 9 miles on the Santiago Truck Trail and it was heaven…. especially since I got to listen to the new Taylor Swift album the whole way too! The STT is probably my favorite local trail. When I first started getting into longer distance trail running several years ago, I use to run this trail all the time. When I lived with my parents, it was only a 10 minute drive away. Now that I live in Irvine, its about 20 min. Ha thats not even that far, there are just closer trails. I had kind of forgotten how much I really loved this trail. It really is a unique trail. Its a windy single track trail that is mostly uphill on the way out. Every section of the trail looks slightly different than the rest.. from the color of the rocks and the dirt and the surrounding views. About 3.5 miles into it there is an American Flag with a few notebooks left for people to sign. At 8 miles out, the trail ends at what is rumored as an old Indian hunting ground, called Old Camp. From there you can take the Joplin Trail up to the Main Divide Road. I am definitely going to go do more runs on this trail  again from now on. It is definitely worth the extra 10 minute drive 🙂


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