Chimera revenge!

So I wasn’t going to do any more races until Brazil, but I decided to sign up for just one more… The Chimera 100 mile. I think that doing this race will be a great confidence booster before Brazil. Not only because I DNFd at Rio Del Lago and because the race is practically in my backyard, but more so because Chimera is one gnarly course with around 22,000ft of elevation gain. Brazil is going to be even more so with 30,000. It will be a great practice run on a hilly course and with it being two months out from Brazil, I should get a really good training effect from it.

I have also always thought about going back and running it after I attempted it in its first year in 2009. Showing up for that race may have not been one of my smartest decisions. I was sick with a really bad cold and the weather forecast called for heavy rain that day. I remember going shopping at REI the day before with my friend, Jesse, who was also running the race, to try and find waterproof pants and jacket to run in… which by do not work at all. The next day I showed up to Jesses house in the morning to carpool with him and our friend, Nate, to the race and I seriously couldn’t even talk I was so sick. The race was raining from the start and I felt like hell and wanted to drop after the first 9 miles, but thought that it would be extremely pathetic to drop 9 miles into a 100 mile race and so I kept going. I think about 15 or so miles in we started the climb up to Santiago peak and it started raining more and more. It was miserable. I couldn’t run because it was a pretty big climb, but if I walked my body temperature would drop too low. Finally I made it to the aid station at the top of the peak only to find out that the race was called off due to weather. I was totally fine with that verdict, however we were on top of a mountain so we had to get down somehow. Our options were A.) run back the way we came or B.) run down the other side of the mountain, which was a bit easier and hope that there was a volunteer at the aid station at the bottom that could drive us back to the start/finish. I opted for plan B. Once I started descending down the mountain and was able to actually run, I felt so much better and was actually a little bummed the race was cancelled. It was by that time now pouring rain and was pretty fun to run in. About 30 or so miles into the race, I reached the Silverado Aid Station, which was where we all called it a day.

Oh yeah.. this was right around the time I first met Mark and he had said that he would meet me at the Silverado Aid Station with some pizza (I LOVE pizza when I run!). I guess he ended up wrapping some pizza up and putting it in his camelback and ran out on the course to come look for me. At the time he had no idea that the race was called off and he didnt know that I had taken a different way down the mountain than what the course had called for (went down maple springs instead of the motor way) and so he was running around the mountain in the pouring rain looking for me with soggy pizza in his pack lol.

So the first years Chimera didn’t go too well, but it was still a totally epic day.. minus the fact that I was even more sick after the race and literally couldn’t even talk after. But clearly I survived, so oh well. I am hoping that this years race does go a bit smoother though. The race is now in November instead of December so hopefully no rain. I also asked Mark if he wanted to pace and crew me but he said no effing way, but I don’t blame him 🙂

Here are some pics from a training run on the maple springs portion of the course this week. This is what it looks like when there is good weather!


And here is one more of my dog Loukas. I love this dog to death. 15 years old. Looks good doesn’t he!!!?


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