I got my mojo back!

Badwater recovery was long and hard for me. Im sorry if I complained about it a lot! Last year after Mark ran the race he said it took him exactly 14 weeks to really start feeling good again. He also heard 14 weeks was the magic number from a few other Badwater racers as well. I also remember him telling me that I would probably wake up one morning and that will for wanting to run and train again would return and it wouldn’t feel like such a chore.. because that is basically how it has been feeling lately!

Well this Sunday morning was the morning. I was actually excited to go out and run. I had really wanted to go out and run the 17 mile Maple Springs loop out in Silverado Canyon, but as I was walking out the door, I luckily checked the weather forecast and it was predicted to be almost 100 degrees out there… way too hot for that long of a run, solo in the mountains with no where to refill on water. So, I was smart and headed closer to the beach to run in El Moro. When I started running, I was actually very pleased with how good my legs felt after having ran 70 miles the weekend prior (definitely a sign that I didn’t push myself hard enough!). Since I need to work on my hill running before Brazil, I decided to go up the steepest hill in the park, Big Bend. Im not quite sure of the exact elevation gain of the hill, but its a little under a mile and a half long and pretty much just goes straight up. Its one of those hills where you think that you’re at the top, but it tricks you and keeps on going and just gets steeper as you go. It’s awesome and it is a butt kicker. Since I am not in good enough shape right now to run up it, I decided to do tabata repeats up it.. meaning I would do 20 seconds running as hard as I could, followed by a 10 second rest, repeated for 8 sets. Between each tabata, I power hiked for 3 minutes to try and catch my breath the best I could and ended up doing 4 rounds of the tabata. After the hill climb, the last 3 miles back to the car were slow and my legs were dead, but it felt so good! It was a great run.

Monday morning I woke up again really wanting to go run, so I headed out to El Moro again. My legs felt pretty good from Sunday’s run, so I decided to run 10. The last 3.5 miles, which were almost all uphill (from the Ranger Station to Ridge Park), I did half mile repeats, with a quarter mile recovery in between. It was another really hot day out and the 800m repeats were kicking my ass, but it was such a good workout and I was loving it.

So two days in a row of great run workouts. Today I didn’t run, but Mark and I lifted together and then I did intervals on the airdyne bike. Interesting thing was that when I looked at the calendar and counted out the weeks since Badwater, it was exactly 14 weeks this past Monday. So looks like I am finally recovered.. back to training hard again!


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