3 weeks out!

There has been so much going on lately, I have had no time to update my blog.  Badwater is now getting really close. Only about three weeks out from the race now! I am having mixed emotions lately. Mostly excited, but a bit nervous, worn out and and a little stressed. I know that these are all natural feelings though and even though I may be feeling this way now, I know that everything will come together and I well be as ready as I can be at 8am Monday, July 16th when I toe that start line. I also know that I have a great crew that is going to take care of me along the way.

The last time I blogged, I did a recap of the Whoo’s in El Moro 50k race, but a lot has happened since then so I thought that I would do a mini recap of all the big training events that have gone on since I’ve started training for the race.

In the beginning of the month, Mark and I headed out to Palm Springs for our first bit of heat training and we also got to get in my first run up the Palm Springs tram road, which stimulates the Whitney Portal road. Later in the month I started training under my coach, Lisa Smith Batchen, who has completed the race NINE times and trained many other runners to complete the race as well. I felt like I needed some guidance training for the race and her coaching style has been a perfect fit for me. I also decided to run the race for a charity she created called, the Dreamchasers Foundation, which goes to help support orphaned children and battered women. Running for this charity has definitely kept keep a spark in me while training for this race, knowing my efforts will help out others.

This month I did one race, which was the San Juan Trail 50k. This was my second time doing the race and although the course was altered a bit because of rain, I was able to improve my time and finished 5th female. The rest of the month was spent following the plan that Lisa set out for me and I had a lot of fun running with my friend, Carrie, who was training for Ironman Coeur d’alene, which she ran today! So happy to have strong females in my life!

Was racing month. This was when things really started to ramp up. It started out with the Orange County marathon the first weekend, where I set a new PR of 3:30. The next weekend I ran the Whoo’s in El Moro 50k, a local trail race put on by one of my crew members, Molly, and I took second female in the race. Third weekend, I did a mini road trip up to Bishop with my mom where we met up with Lisa and I ran the 50 mile for the second year in a row. It was a hot day out and all the soft sand at high altitude killed me, but I still was able to pull off another 2nd place finish. Finally, the month ended with heading up to Western States Camp for the third year in a row with Mark. Unfortunately, we only ended up running the first day (of three) of 32 miles and it was the only day that it was freezing out! I think though all the racing caught up just a bit and I was starting to feel some aches and pains that I did not want to progress into any serious injuries.

No more races for this month, but still very busy.. and its not even over yet. Mark and I spent another weekend in Palm Springs to do heat training. Turns out it is hard to do long runs in 100+ degree heat when both of us are training for Badwater, since we can’t crew for each other. It was slightly miserable, but we made it work. A few days after Palm Springs we headed down to Loreto, Mexico for more heat training. We got in four solid days of running in more 100+ degree heat down there. Of course when I got back to work I was ridiculed for going down to beautiful Baja Mexico and actually training rather than doing normal vacation type activities, whatever those are. We did have a few margaritas though, so we still know how to live it up a little 🙂 The day after I got back from Mexico, I convinced my mom to crew me on a 30 mile run through Santiago Canyon. Wow, what a difference it makes being crewed, rather than having to lug a ton of water, only to run out within 2 hours anyways. I thought that was going to be the last of my long runs until the race, but I was wrong. This weekend Lisa wanted me to put in another 75 miles over 3 days. It was slightly challenging because on Friday I flew out to Dallas, Texas to run with and speak with one of the Luke’s Locker (a big running store chain in TX) marathon training clubs about my upcoming race and about the Dreamchasers Foundation and also go over some logistical stuff with my some of my crew members. Then Saturday I flew back. I still managed to put in 24 miles though somehow… it was definitely a long day. That brings us to today…. I ran another solid 21 miles today with lots of hills. Tomorrow will be another long run day as well. Then Thursday and Friday one last trip to Palm Springs with Mark for more running in the heat.

So as you can see, I have been busy training as hard as I can for this race. This is by far the hardest I have ever worked for any race, but running Badwater is pretty much as big as it gets in the ultrarunning world (well in my opinion) and also running for Dreamchasers has really inspired me to push myself even harder. Thank you for everyone who has been supporting Dreamchasers and myself along the way. PLEASE remember to visit http://www.dreamchasersfoundation.com if you have not so already!


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