Training Update

So far training for Badwater has been going very well for me. This past weekend I upped my mileage a bit more than I should have, but just needed to get out an run and think about some stuff. However, I had planned to start taking things up a notch anyways. 

Here has been my training for the past two weeks. Any comments/suggestions/tips are more than welcomed!

March 12-18
Monday: Rest day
Tuesday: 6 mile trail tempo run + strength work after
Wednesday:  10 miles on the road
Thursday: 8 miles on the road
Friday: 8 miles on the road
Saturday: Crossfit
Sunday: 10.5 miles on the road
Total miles: 42.5

March 19-25
Monday: OFF
Tuesday: OFF (got some deep tissue work done so had to take extra rest day)
Wednesday: weighted 6 mile trail run
Thursday: 10.5 miles
Friday: CF + 9 miles up and down Palm Springs tram road (2500ft gain in 3.8 miles up)
Saturday: 10 miles on the road
Sunday: 10 miles on the road
Total:  45.5 miles

March 26- April 1
Monday: OFF
Tuesday: 6.6 miles on the road + 4x400m in the evening
Wednesday: 12.6 miles hilly road run
Thursday: CF
Friday: 6.5 miles easy hike/run 
Saturday: 16.25 miles (first 9.5 on hilly trail, then rest road hill repeats)
Sunday: 3 mile hike
Total: 46.45 miles

April 2-8
Monday: 6.6 mile road tempo run
Tuesday: 4 mile trail run + 6 x 1 min hill repeats (6 mi total)
Wednesday: OFF
Thursday: 16 miles hilly road run + strength work
Friday: OFF
Saturday: 14 mi trail run in morning + 16 mile road run in the evening (30 total)
Sunday: 6.5 mile hilly hike
Total: 65.1 miles  




2 thoughts on “Training Update

  1. what’s max miles u are working up to? I have to idea how to train for Badwater except to run in the heat and get in a couple of 50 milers and an couple overnight runs

  2. My goal is to get in 1-2 50 mile runs or races and then get in some back to back long runs of 20-30 miles 2-3 days in a row. Of course run in the heat as well. I dont really think that overnight runs help me that much. But I may try and squeeze in a couple just in case and just because theyre fun sometimes

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